CHAMPO FARM, which is among the important producers of its country and region and expanding its field of activity day by day, exports to more than 55 countries.

We are working toward establishing a digital transformation in Indian agriculture in order to bring about a paradigm shift in this extremely traditional industry. 

We plan to democratize access to modern agricultural inputs such as equipment, fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds thereby transforming the way the Indian agricultural industry functions and ultimately thrives.

In a globalized world, we need to provide excellent international relations and high quality products, so CHAMPO FARM is convinced that success in a business world is having principles, so we work daily based on our three main pillars : Competence, transparency and loyalty.

The CHAMPO FARM Difference

At Champo Farm, we take pride in offering the best quality agricultural commodities and services to our customers. Our modern processing facilities, cutting edge technology, and professional consultations make us the top choice for farmers and exporters.

Our philosophy


In every step it takes and in every field it operates; institutional, social and economic stakeholders; aims to gain long-term trust in its products and services.

Our quality policy


In line with the goal of constantly achieving the best, spreading the understanding of quality to all areas and transforming it into a lifestyle forms the basis of CHAMPO’s quality policy.

Quality management


We attach importance to the principles of total quality. The quality directive of our service starts when the product is still in the ground and continues until it is packaged and delivered to our valued customers. This is the secret for CHAMPO FARM to come to these beautiful days.

About the Company


We work with a focus on the export area of ​​Brazilian agricultural products,  follow our catalog.

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Unique species
meadow created or restored

Аdvantages of cooperation with CHAMPO FARM

CHAMPO FARM” carries out wholesale export deliveries of agricultural products from ecologically clean regions of Cameroon.

Safety, high quality and excellent taste properties of the products;

Processing of raw materials using the latest equipment and technologies;

Product compliance with GOST and international quality and safety standards;

Deliveries all over the world-from the Far East to far abroad, to the countries of Europe and Asia;

Prompt delivery to the customer's facility by water, road, rail;

Affordable prices, individual conditions, high level of service.